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Top to Bottom :: Dining Room In Progress

This picture is the most accurate representation of what the color actually looks like.

I'll start off by saying the new color green we went with was hard to photograph. It's giving this two toned effect in the pictures but that's not really how it is. The picture above is the most accurate representation of what it actually looks like. It is a much darker green that can even appear nearly black depending on the light. We really love how rich it is and are happy with it...just not crazy about how it's coming off in the pictures.

You can see the BEFORE images here.

So as you might have read here we are not able to refinish our downstairs floors as soon as we thought due to taxes but we have continued to march forward so that at least when we can afford it, everything else will be ready.


IN PROGRESS...except minus the two toned effect...grumble grumble...

Here's what we've done so far ::

Here's what we still need to do ::

I'll be doing an updated post once it is time to refinish the floors! Now time to move on to our living room