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Olive’s First Snow

When you love the snow like I do, one of the things you look forward to the most is seeing how your pups respond to their first snow. Luckily for me the bulldog breed appears to adore snow as equally if not more so than me. Olive was no exception she had a blast and just wanted to stay out all day, we had to force her back inside.

Olive is 6 months now and her body is growing faster than her head as it goes with Frenchies which always cracks me up. I wish so much that she'd stop growing so fast but at the same time, it is so amazing to see all the new things she is learning and does every day. She is one hilarious little lump of coal and we love her so much.

Pierre has really come around to loving her now and wants to play most of the time. They zoom and zoom and wrestle all over our yard and house...which since we've gotten our floors refinished is a NIGHTMARE for me.

I digress.