five hundred miles

Mid-Spring :: 2015

I am feeling very frustrated right now with the weather and with weeds. I have allowed the weeds to get too far ahead of me and now it is out of control. The plants aren't suffering because I've kept a decent distance from them and the weeds but any bare spot in my garden beds are filled with weeds. How did I let this happen? Life has been too much lately which sounds dramatic and it is dramatic but allow me it today.

Overall, the garden is looking great it's still going through many stages with older and newer plants coming in at different heights so I like to say my flower garden is going through puberty. It'll take time but each year I can see the end result coming (well I'll never really be done gardening but you know what I mean) and I get really excited...except when I am whining about weeds and the weather.

Honeybees love Alliums and they've been all over mine which was so exciting to see! 

This spring has been way too warm and the rain has been hard blowing sideways kind of rain, not nice slowly drenching rain that I love. We've had a terrific spring weather this week - high 70's and has been wonderful but on Monday it will be 90 degrees. We're going from 70 to 90 and the 90 temps are sticking around for awhile. That is hard on plants especially not summer plants and though they are managing it means with the harsh rain and cool suddenly super hot temp mix I won't get to enjoy the flowers as long as I wish I could and instead the only thing surviving beautifully will be the weeds. 

Fading poppy but many more about to bloom - I am having a poppy explosion which is so exciting and if I can keep the humidity at bay long enough I'll actually get to fully enjoy them!

So I took some pictures of my mid-spring lovelies and though some have already faded the peonies are still putting on a terrific show and I am enjoying them as long as I can before the harsh rain knocks all their petals off. Grumble grumble grumble. You really have to love gardening to be a gardener which sounds pretty obvious but I mean seriously, the highs are so high but the lows are so low and if you don't truly love it, there's no way you'll stick with it. My garden feels like a beating heart to me and I take it all so personally. So I'll be crossing my fingers everything survives this week and doing my best to tackle the weed insanity each evening. If you know anyone that enjoys weeding send them my way.

First bloom and looking gorgeous! So young but blooming very strong! 

Unfortunately, I captured my lilac too late and they were already dying back but they gave a terrific first bloom show and I was so happy to see them doing so well with being so young. They smelled amazing.