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Olive :: 8 Months + Surgery

We've been sharing more and more pictures on our Instagram account but incase you didn't see these, some of my favorites of our wee boos from this month.

Olive turned 8 months old this month and that meant it was time to have her spayed, which is always such a stressful experience. I imagine it is stressful for any animal owner but when dealing with a flat faced breed it can be even more stressful as putting them under anesthesia causes heightened concern. Also with the sudden loss of Addis, I found myself having a terrible time with her impending it goes with loss you are never far from the realization how quickly life can turn and nothing seems safe from it.

Olive felt so small as we carried her into the vet and though everyone loves her there and she was gleefully dancing about clueless to what was about to happen...I felt my heart sink and remained in knots until they called to tell us she had done marvelously and we could pick her up in a few hours. I started to cry - the relief of good news!

As with all bulldogs she is impossible when it comes to trying to get her to remain still and heal properly. She seems completely unaware of what she's just been through and wants to play, leap and wrestle. We've had to watch her like a hawk and Andrew even built her a little ramp so she doesn't have to climb any stairs until she's healed more. I tend to compare bulldogs to rhino's as they are mighty and stubborn with a will of joy unlike any other and though that is what I love about them - it is a nightmare after surgery. We have a long two weeks of recovery ahead of us but praise be to God that her surgery is now behind us and moving onward! 

Olive and Pierre keeping an eye on the neighborhood. They are absolutely hilarious peeking through the slants of our fence and notice Pierre's raised hair...he takes his job seriously.

It's cold in this old house and Olive follows Pierre to the best heat spots and then promptly lays right on top of him. He doesn't mind though...what chubby heat slugs!