five hundred miles

Winter :: 2015

I know my recent posts have been rather dog apologies...unless you're as dog crazy as us...then you're welcome. It has been freezing and therefore stalling our progress on our old home. We're looking to March now to get cracking and we've already set several plans in motion from this list. Yay!! First though, I wanted to put together a post from our winter blitz - there has been more negative temps then snow but the few snow days we've had have been wonderful and I just wanted to place them here. Bare with me...lots of winter how handsome is my hubby? Smooches to that Welsh blooded fool.

Olive doesn't understand the meaning of a twig...she prefers fallen branches to play fetch with.

Pierre's favorite thing to do is photobomb Olive's photo-shoots. He doesn't like to sit still for his own but if the camera is pointing at Olive...this happens a lot.

Olive's impression of Groucho Marx...he's her spirit animal.