five hundred miles

Olive and Pierre

Look at my two them so much. Olive is now 3 months old. Pierre is still recovering and always has a bit of a shell-shocked expression. Olive is a handful for us all but we secretly like that about her. 

Olive has the sweetest eyes...always slightly sad looking...she also has a food crusty nose in this picture. Sorry but bulldog noses are a drama unto themselves. Nose butter is your best friend.

We have this one really burned spot of grass in our yard (long story.not interesting.trees fault) and of course it is their favorite place to hangout. They are so weird.

They love to sunbathe together and we work tirelessly to keep them in the shade but they both refuse. Shade would make our lives a lot easier but they can't be bothered with such trivial requests.

Look at that grumpy face! What an old man! I could kiss that face all day.