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Fixing Our Old Trees

Yes, I am talking about trees again. I know I know but when you purchase a house literally surrounded by is bound to happen...well more so if you love trees as much as I do. Which I much and this has been one heck of a tree journey to say the least. I can't believe how many trees have disappeared from our property since we moved in barely 3 years ago.

Our neighbor decided to go all Armageddon on his yard which I wrote about here. We've lost trees to storms, they've been damaged by careless people, and most recently the electric company came through our little area and butchered our trees and many others left and right. It was terrible. They cut ornamentals people, ORNAMENTALS which pose no issues for power lines. I wanted to scream but there's nothing you can do so instead I just cried and complained to anyone that would listen. My poor Dad was so upset by me being upset that he came over after work to see what they had done and tried to talk them out of anymore cutting...knowing full well it wouldn't work but wanted to calm my woes. It was a very sweet gesture and just having him there actually did calm me down. 

After the electric companies visit, we lost 5 trees...that's right, FIVE TREES. Then they butchered one of our oldest trees so badly, we are having it removed today - their butchering made it unfortunately very dangerous. It's always terribly sad when a tree that old 60+ years gets think about how long it has been here and all that it has been apart many seasons it has experienced.

I also think about how it will change the side of our home now that it will no longer be shading it from the sun. I imagine the paint will start peeling as soon as the last limb has been cut...even the bedroom that it shaded will no longer feel the same...trees are so important for so many reasons and I will miss every single one of them...I already do.

On a positive note - we did hire a great team of arborist to come over and trim our trees and they are the ones removing the now dangerous one too. They've done a terrific job and I can't help but feel relief that our poor neglected trees have just gained a few more years of life and that brings me great joy! They were never trimmed or kept well, so we're doing our best to fix all the mistakes of the past but we know that is impossible...but it doesn't mean you can't try, and it doesn't mean something can't be gained from those efforts. 

We've been talking about what we're going to plant next in place of the tree that was removed today...and thus starting a new beginning for many seasons and years to come.