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Top to Bottom :: Main Staircase

It is safe to say we'll never be done painting but our main staircase was at least the last of the interior painting for right now and that's a pretty fantastic feeling.

We had talked a lot about refinishing the stairs but since they were already painted we felt like we wanted to keep with what had always been. There's something about doing what was always here in an old house that makes you feel like you are communicating with the past...I mean our home only had 2 owners before us and we're accepting their choices with our own. 

I am not one that cares about what's in style, so I doubt light green floors with a darker green stairway is going to explode Pinterest but it makes us happy and that's all that matters. I liked the way the lighter green drifts into the dark softly and not announcing the change as a black would have. We were also very curious to see if we should have gone with a darker green for the entire upstairs, so we thought why not see how that would've looked. We're happy with how it is, but if we ever feel like updating (please be a long time for now updating feelings) then I can see us going with the darker. 

This project was a beast because there are sooo many details when it comes to painting stairs that I wanted to stab someone by the last day and then our stairway has a super tall ceiling which is very diffitcult to paint but we did it (mostly Andrew). When it came to painting that tall ceiling and wall -- I cashed in my I painted all the other rooms by myself card and Andrew was more than happy to take on the challenge plus he's got better balance. He did a superb job and I just feel so relieved it is all behind us!

Here's what we did ::

Here's what we still need to do ::

BEFORE -- Andrew painting the tall ceiling/walls - those shorts make us both sad

BEFORE LANDING -- Sorry we didn't take one of the whole landing but this is what it looked like all over and yes that large paint spill was Andrew