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Fall Planting :: 2014

Two years ago I wrote a post about purchasing too many bulbs...oh what a hoot that was...until it became clear that I really was insane. Every year I have added more and more bulbs to my fall planting and truthfully though they do very well...I worry about my over enthusiasm for planting in general...well I actually don't worry at all but my husband does. Every season Andrew exclaims, well this season we won't have that much to plant like we did the last and each season I let him down.

This fall I planted 450 took me NINE HOURS. I love it though and bulbs are great fun! You see I had some ideas I wanted to work out that I learned from last season, so once I started working those just kind of spiraled out of control...that happens to me with most things. It is called PERFECTIONISM...though it'll never be perfect (SEE).

Honestly, we have a lot of space to fill so even though I do loads of planting every season...everything is in different stages right now (the garden is only two years old) so it looks like I have loads of work ahead of me...which I do...which I am glad about. I have no idea what I'll do when I run out of space...though we have a decent size piece of land next to us that is vacant and I have been daydreaming about purchasing it since we moved in. Oh to be able to grow money...

Well fall planting has been completed and now we wait for spring.