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Olive :: 4 Months Old

Olive is now 4 months old and we can't believe how quickly she is growing and time is moving. We want her to slow down...this puppy time is precious. It is so much work but it is so precious and we have loved every minute of it. Olive is currently teething so she's even more devious these days. The other day she was in the middle of chewing a bone when she spit out one of her teeth and kept on chewing. She's pretty hard knocks that way. 

If there was a slogan for Olive right now it would say Hi My Name is Olive and I hate Gnats and Naps - you'll never meet another dog that tries to bite at the gnats that swarm her sweet little head the way Olive does. It is the funniest thing ever but she's so serious about it, we try not to laugh. As for naps she needs them and eventually gives into them but boy is she mad when it is time for them. Without them she goes into what we refer to as a red zone state. Her eyes and mouth grow wide with insanity and she starts biting everything in sight. She snores very loudly but it is still such a sweet sounds like she is asking a question with the way it starts low and goes high. We can't even imagine how loud it is going to get as she grows older.

She currently loves bananas and peanut butter. She likes to take her toy and with all of her might she pushes it into Pierre's face trying desperately to get him to play with her. She does not like Pierre to go into her crate and when he does she gives him a real tongue-lashing and tries to nip his toes through the crate. She has just recently discovered toilet paper and the other day we were both in the kitchen when some black smoke went speeding by and all we had time to focus on was the stream of white paper flying behind it. If there are shoes in the mudroom she likes to carry them to the living room...doesn't chew on them but just likes them in there better.

We call her a Meerkat because every morning I carry her outside and place her on her cot and it is only as the sun begins to warm her back that she comes alive. And yes, she still sounds like a baby dragon when she cries. She is now 13 pounds and I can't believe she was once barely 7. She is the most clever bear and we're absolutely wild about her.

Pierre clearly loves her but sometimes we think he loves getting away from her even more. Brotherly love at its best.