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Resolutions :: 2016

Happy New Year! Okay okay so it's February but better late then never I suppose. Well we had some set backs last year...okay one big set back called morning sickness that lasted for 9 months but I can't be mad about that because it brought us Wallis, and she's perfection!

However, it made it super difficult to complete our resolutions for 2015 can see those here. You can also see what we did manage to accomplish here BUT I'd also like to add to that list that we did end up insulating the attic and we also created a room for Wallis

So lots was accomplished just not exactly to plan...but what is new about that? I wonder if I should even bother with these resolution lists anymore as we can't ever seem to get it all checked off...this year though, I've decided we're going to spend most of it saving for some interior projects with the exception of painting our exterior. That's the main resolution and since it will take so much of our time...I think that's all I'll be putting on this list. 

Of course there will be lots of smaller projects, there always are but as for big ones...I think I'll leave it there and if we achieve more then super but if not, that's okay too. 

Wishing you all a wonderful 2016!