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Year Four :: Our Green Gables

Try not to judge our sad porch decor/sitting...someday that porch will look like people actually enjoy it but for now...that's just not in the budget.

I know I say this every single year that goes by...but I can't believe we've already been here for 4 years. Before August leaves us I wanted to make sure I had taken a moment to celebrate this wee anniversary. It's funny really...I feel like I've been living in the area much longer than I feel like we've been living in this house. I'm not sure that's a good or bad thing...but for some it might not seem as though we've gotten enough accomplished in that time, but for others, it will seem like we've gotten a lot done and to them - I tip my hat and say thank you because old home ownership is expensive and we're doing our best. 

So moving into what we've accomplished in our fourth year ::

Also, our First Year, Second Year and Third Year

Though we didn't get as much done as we did in year three (burned ourselves out a bit) we truly accomplished some bigger and more expensive projects in year four. However, making that wee baby did slow us down because of my “morning” sickness that refuses to leave. We had hoped to get more finished but we're doing our best to make those things happen as we head into year 5. Our never-ending list of tasks seems to get checked off as much as it gets added to but life is about to change dramatically come December, so we've got to get a move on!

Thank you to everyone that has been following along and all of your sweet comments!