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Storm Blown Lilies

I haven't cried over spilled milk but this week I cried over storm blown and damaged lilies.

We had a terrible storm blow through the other day. It was wild and everything blew sideways, the rain was hard and the wind was very strong. My lilies didn't survive it well. We get a lot of storms around here and they've survived every single one without a scratch, that I took their thick stems for granted. I hadn't had a chance to actually take pictures of them yet because I was waiting for them to fully bloom first...big mistake.

None of the stems snapped but they all blew over on top of each other and the orange pollen centers bled all over the porcelain white of the lilies causing many to turn this dirty yellow color. 

If you had seen me after I saw my lilies it was a slow motion Last of the Mohicans cry. I ran out and started damage control immediately. Wrapping them with garden string to pull them back up and trying desperately to get them untangled. The lilies are so thick now that I couldn't get to the middle and had to use the end of a broom to gently coax them back to their statuesque state. It worked with some but not with enough.

I had to cut a lot of them and that was painful for me. Right now I have 9 vases in my home filled with lilies and I sent the 10th one to my mom's to enjoy. Our home smells INCREDIBLE but cutting them bums me out...I don't want to talk about it but it does. Andrew thinks I should cut everything and bring it inside but I don't listen to that Scuttles.

It really stinks they were even taller this year than last...several were measuring in at 6'5" -- oh well...lesson learned and next year I'll be more prepared. I took some pictures of them where I purposely did my best to hide the ugly. You can see last years here.