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Almost Spring :: 2015

Spring is barely breaking through the ground (despite what the calendar says) but it's enough to make me feel giddy. I do love spring and as it starts to appear I always get worried it will be very short and summer will be wilting my soul within weeks. Please spring take your time and stay awhile...I like your style. 

My crocuses are killing it this year and I wish I had better pictures to show you but I got a bit greedy with waiting for them to all open to take pictures and then we had two days of strong wind and they are looking a wee bit too battered but I am still hoping they will recover enough for a wide shot. The pictures I am including here were before they had all opened. They have big heads and the outside of my fence is just a sea of white which makes taking the pups out at 6 am delightful.

We have big news which I will expand on in a later post but we're getting BEES! I am so beyond excited and terrified. I have always loved bees but I am a jumper if any buzz around me, come near or even the sound sometimes can set me off into a Elaine from Seinfeld dance move reaction. It is terribly embarrassing but I can't help it. However, that doesn't mean I am not going to love my bees. 

Luckily for me, my parents who are now living nearby is the real reason we're getting them right now. My Dad has taken care of bees before and he really wanted to have some hives again and I said let's do it! So we've been working to clear a space behind our garage (that sounds bad but it isn't) and I can't wait to see how this all goes. I already have many options in my flower garden that honeybees love but plan to plant more that will be even more specifically for pollinators to keep those little chubs happy. Though I worry that they'll reject my garden altogether and fly to some other fields nearby -- we're surrounded by apple orchards so competing with them won't be easy. I'll write more about it as it develops but we should have the bees by late April.