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Third Bedroom :: In Progress

I will never underestimate a small room again. I can't believe how long it has taken us to finish this room. Granted we've been very busy, and our usual working in our spare time just wasn't enough time. There were some set backs too, but at last we've gotten it to a good place! You can see the entire process here.

Every guest that stays in this third bedroom, which will be our guest bedroom will have no idea the future arthritis that went into I'll probably make them read this post before they go to sleep. You're welcome future guests.

Here's what we did ::

1. Removed wallpaper from all the walls, except on the ceiling.

2. Removed wallpaper glue from the walls.

3. Filled and sanded all the cracks in the plaster.

4. Had the badly water damaged wallpapered ceiling covered in a thin layer of drywall.

5. Painted all the walls plus ceiling with primer.

6. Painted the ceiling with ceiling paint.

7. Painted all the walls. Twice.

8. Sanded all the trim so that it could be painted.

9. Painted all the trim including the doors. Twice. 

10. Painted the interior of the closet. 

11. Vacuumed and mopped up all the mess.

12. Put in a new light. Then collapsed in small room exhaustion.

I've started to put furniture in, and decorate it a bit, but it really is just another room in progress because we have some more ideas to come. Andrew asked me the other day, "how would you describe our style" and I replied, "broke." And then he got all bothered, so I soothed him with fancy words and quickly said, "only kidding...minmilsitic vintage." You should have seen the smile on his face as he repeated it back to himself, and then he started to pet me saying, "yes...that's it...minimilistic vintage." It got weird.



I am really happy to have this checked off our 2013 Green Gables resolutions list...but look at that list! We've barely scratched the surface...oh bother.