five hundred miles

Welcome Home

April 1 is when it all began, and August 4 will forever be marked as the day it finally ended and we became first time homeowner’s – yes, it really happened! We can’t believe it ourselves - we are still walking around our Green Gables saying, “is this real?”

I met Andrew when I was 19 years old. I married him barely 23, and he barely 24. We have no idea how we got here almost 5 years later, but I am so glad to have gotten here with him.

Our career paths have not been conventional ones, and there were many months over the years where we feared we wouldn’t be able to pay our rent, or buy food – so to have gotten here seems decades before we should be to us. Did we finally catch up to our life? We have both felt like we’ve been running uphill since we said, “I do.” Is this what it looks like to have created a bit of balance? If so, we welcome it and we feel so deeply blessed for it.

The closing was rather hilarious, such an odd mix of people created for a heavy amount of awkward air, we couldn’t wait to get done and get out!  Honestly though, everyone was very sweet to us, it just was an experience to say the least. At the end of it, they handed Andrew The Deed and me, a Betty Crocker brownie mix set. Yep…that about sums up my entire house buying experience.

To celebrate, we heard about this Italian restaurant that was suppose to be so good, but it was in a run down strip mall. Andrew and I know better than to judge a “hole in the wall” after living in the city for so long, it isn’t a myth that they usually end up having the best food ever. This place wasn’t exactly a “hole in the wall” I mean cockroaches weren’t seating us, but it was sticky and not old in a good way, but the food was delicious!! Handmade everything - pasta, the salad dressing and we were served a big piping basket of fresh out of the oven garlic knots! Oh sweet mercy the garlic knots – I think I exclaimed, “oh thank you!” a bit too loud to our waitress. It ended up being such a lovely way to celebrate this big moment in our lives.

After eating, we came back to our Green Gables, sat on our porch and watched the sun fall asleep - if perfect days exist, this was as close to one as I think we will ever get.